Santa Rosa

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This is a city in western part of California, north-northwest of San Francisco. Santa Rosa is the county seat of Sonama County state of California and the center of the county when it comes to retail, finance and medical center. Geographically this city is the fifth largest city in San Francisco Bay Area with a total of 40.37 sq mi, compose of 40.13 sq mi of land and 0.25 sq mi of water. Statistically, this is the 12 most populated city in California and ranked 105th in the nation.

Santa Rosa is not only famous for its vineyards, but as well as with the local produce products like, meat, dairy and seafood. Booming businesses in the city includes restaurants, information technology, agriculture, environmental and tourism.

In addition, as one of the top tourist destination in the state of California it is augmented with lots of recreational opportunities that tourist could enjoy the most such as, fishing, hunting, kayaking, hiking, biking and shopping centers.