In the San Ramon Valley inside Contra Costa County in California lies the town of Danville. According to the 2010 Census, the population was around 42,000. Oakland and San Francisco house this suburb, and is one of the wealthiest towns in the area. It is known throughout the nation for its high end real estate and exclusive and luxury country clubs.

Danville is featured in the center of many nice cities. To the south of Danville, lies the city of San Ramon. Alamo and Diablo lie on the north of Danville, and on the south is Pleasanton. According the the US Census Bureau, the town of Danville is 18.1 square miles of pure land. There is no bodies of water in the town of Danville. The only water coming through the city is the Sycamore Creek. The Sycamore Creek drains through Mount Diablo and flows through Danville. Danville has great scenery! Mount Diablo is behind the town of Danville. This mountain is part of the Diablo Range, which is to the east of the town. The Las Trampas Ridge on the west also surrounds the city.

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