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It was the city founded in 1869 by Salvio Pacheco as the community of Todos Santos and after while the city’s name was change to what it is now called the city of “Concord”. The city is part of the Costa Contra County, the largest in the county and the 202nd largest city in the entire United States. Contra Costa is the home of 121,780 people based on survey conducted as of 2000. Geographically it is located 29 miles northeast of San Francisco, 22 miles away from Oakland and 65 miles southwest of the state’s capital of Sacramento.

The city land was first granted to Salvio Pacheco in 1834 and through his initiative it was founded under the name of Todos Santos which means all saints in 1869, and in February 5,1905 it was officially incorporated. The area that surrounded Concord was a rich agricultural areas that produce crops and fruits such as wheat, wallnuts, grapes, hay and tomatoes.

During the last decade was the time that the city’s economy had boosted to the highest level. With the establishment of large business corporations like the Chevron and Bank of America had literally created more jobs for the people of Concord.

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