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Geographically, San Francisco is situated West Coast part of the United States and found at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula. It is bounded by Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.. Its total area is 231.92 sq mi (600.7 km2) of which 46.7 sq mi (121 km2) and water area measures 185.2 sq mi (479.7 km2). Based from 2008 census in the United States of America, the estimated population of San Francisco have reached  a number of 808,976.

San Francisco has several of islands that are already part of the city such as Alcatraz, Treasure Island, Yerba Buena Island which is adjacent to the city, and a small portion of Alameda Island, Red Rock Island, and Angel Island. The City is also rich in its tourist attraction and spots. There around 200 parks that are being maintained by San Francisco community. One of its famous park is the well known Golden Gate Park. Botanical gardens, tea gradens and other tourists destinations can be seen also within the entire city of San Francisco, California.

When it comes to real estate properties, Ssan Francisco real estate offers a wide selection of houses combined with excellent internal and external features. From townhouses, condominiums up to bungalows and mansions are uniquely designed for everyone’s luxury. Various types of San Francisco homes include Rambler, Ranch, Cottages, Twin Homes, Two Story Conventional, Tri Level Homes, Split Level, Multi Level, Craftsman Bungalows, Cabins, Mansions, Modern, New England, Victorian, Cottages, Manufactured, Modular, and even Mobile Homes.

San Francisco also offers great houses with reasonable mortgage in town. The community provides a wide selection of mortgages based from terms of payments. Foreclosures and short sale houses are also present in San Francisco real estate.

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