The city name means “hidden” this is the Spanish word for Escondido, a city located 18 miles inland from the cost and 30 miles north of San Diego. The city was established in 1888 and considered one of the oldest cities in the county of San Diego that has a total area of 94.5 km², compose of 94.0 km² land and just 0.5 percent of water or equivalent to 0.2 mi². In 2005 the nationwide survey was conducted for the most conservative cities in America and Escondido city was in the 11th spot. A high quality of life, scenic views and a perfect climate Escondido is known. This norther San Diego city is now the home of 140,671 residents.

Historically, the first settlers in Escondido were Native American Tribes and in the late 1700s and 1800s the Spaniards took control of the land established missions and converted indigenous people into Christians. In the 1850 census large number of Spanish speaking people were residing in the city, but after the war between U.S. and Mexico called “The Battle in San Pascual” that started in 1846 that was won by the U.S. later on, non-Hispanic settler came to Southern California in an increasing number and settle.

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