This is a coastal resort city located in the northern county part of San Diego, California. Latest census conducted by the California Department of Finance the city of Carlsbad had an estimated population of 104,652. It has a total area of 40.8 square miles, 37.4 miles of which are land and just 8.7 miles of water. The city’s northern part is considered to be part of what known tri-city that compose of Western Vista, Southern Ocean Side and the Northern Carlsbad.

The city was incorporated in 1952, but it was all started by the sailor named John Frazier who dug well in the area, offers that water from well in the train station that was later known as the Frazier Station. After that the Carlsbad Land and Mineral water was formed, to take advantage of the discovery made by Frazier. The company was founded by Gerhard Schutte, Henry Nelson, Samuel Church Smith and D.D.Wadsworth in which soon the city’s taken its name. In 1880s the place was experienced a period of sprouting in businesses and homes. The fertile land of the area made it soon an agricultural rich city in planting and producing avocados, olives and citrus fruits.

Moreover, this premiere California coastal city features with breathtaking beaches, outstanding hotels, and fabulous restaurants. This city is also the home of to the flower fields, a 50 acre ranch which each springs it erupts in an array of spectacular colors. Carlsbad Real Estate is abundant with new homes for sale in different types and styles and planning to buy, relocate or look for the most suited Carlsbad home, or any other real estate information about Carlsbad, you have come to the right place.

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