Save Money When Selling Your Home

Sell your California home with ZipRealty and Save Lots of Money

Selling a home can be very expensive and seem very stressful. In reality, selling California Homes is actually pretty simple there are a few simple keys necessary to sell your home.

1. Price Your Home Right

If your house is too expensive, it doesn’t matter if you have the best Realtor in the world, or the most advertising. In today’s market, with so much competition of other California Homes for Sale, you need to price your home right if you want it to sell, or even be shown. To be priced to sell, your home needs to be at or below the price of the competition. View other similar homes for sale. Think like a buyer. Buyers are going to choose the best home for the best price. Make your home that home.

2. Have it Marketed and Available to as many Potential Buyers as Possible.

We live in the digital age. People rarely ever use print media to find real estate anymore. They go online where they can view, ALL the homes for sale in California, and get all the information they want about the properties for sale. Buyers don’t just go to an occasional brokerage or classified website either, they go to websites that display ALL the MLS listed homes in a particular area.

The #1 Key to getting the best marketing for your home is to have your home listed on not just a few sites, but all of the Realtor, Brokerage, Classified, and Real Estate Agent websites. This may sound impossible, it may sound like something you can’t do on your own, but a little secret is that you only need to have it listed one place. The MLS. Once your home is listed on the MLS, all of the other websites,, ZipRealty, Remax, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Prudential Real Estate, etc. will display your listing. These sites simply get an IDX feed of the MLS’s listings. Having your site listed on the MLS, also makes it available on the database the Realtors actually use when they look for homes to show their clients.

In the past, it was only possible to get listed on the MLS if you listed your home with a Realtor, and paid them a hefty 5-7% commission. Now, it is possible to get your home on the MLS by paying only a $300-$500 flat fee. This can save you thousands over listing with a traditional real estate brokerage.

List Your Home online for Free. MLS & Listing – $295-$395.

3. Have Your Home Staged and Available to Show at All Times

Despite the importance of online advertisement when selling a home, it is still essential that people are able to see your home when they want too. You have to be available to answer the phone when buyers and agents call to make a showing appointment, otherwise, they will likely forget about your house and move on.

Once you get a showing appointment, your job is to make the home look as much like a model home as possible. Think like a buyer, what is a buyer going through your home for the first time going to notice? Here are a few simple tips to help your home show better.

  • Get Rid of Stuf – Start packing now, put as many personal items as possible in storage. Keep only good looking and basic furniture to help stage your home. You’ll be amazed how much bigger your house looks when you declutter.
  • Make Basic Repairs – Repaint trims, look for nicks in walls, on corners. Do what you can to make your home look as new as possible. If a buyers first impression is that the home hasn’t been taken care of externally, they suppose there will be hidden issues as well.
  • Give Buyers Privacy When Viewing Your Home – It’s hard for buyers to feel comfortable if the existing home owners are watching their every move. This will distract them, and keep them from sharing their true feelings with each other. They will feel much more comfortable if they have the privacy to view things themselves, and comment without fear of offending you. It is best to leave the house when it is being shown. Most of the people that will see your home will be working with a buyers agent. These buyers agents will be there with the clients to make sure your personal items are protected.

If you can handle these three steps, and have a basic understanding of real estate contracts, you can sell your home without hiring a listing agent, and save thousands of dollars. If not, it’s recommended that you hire a professional Realtor who can lead you and guide you through every step of the real estate transaction.