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During the time of state hood in the year 1850 a county named Colusa was created, a county located in the central valley of the state of California and northeast of the state capital Sacramento. Six years later parts of it were given to Tehama county and to Glenn county in the year 1891. Way back on its history the county’s name was taken from 1844 Rancho Colus Mexican land grant to John Bidwell. The word colusi/coluse was derived from the native American tribe living in the Sacramento river, then it was changed to Colusa shortly after.

In the 2000 census report, there were 18,804 people are living in the county that made up of different races such as White Americans, Black Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, German, English and some other races. Colusa has a total of 1,156 square miles, where in six square miles is water and the remaining 1,151 square miles of it is land.
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