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Amador county was created in 1854 from parts of Calaveras and El Dorado County. The county name was taken from a soldier, rancher and miner Jose Maria Amador, the son of Seargent Pedro Amador, a Spanish soldier who settle in the state of California in 1771. In the year 1848 together with the native Americans, Jose Maria Amador established a successful gold mining camp in near in the present town of where the county sits in. As of now, there are numbers of cold mines can still be found in the county such as Kennedy mine, the Sutter mine and the Argonaut mine.
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The county is located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills about 45 miles Southeast of Sacramento and has a total of 605 square miles, which compose of 593 square miles of land and 12 square miles of water. The water portion was made of different water bodies like with the Lake Camanche, Lake Amador, Pardee Reservoir, Bear River Reservoir, Sutter Creek, Silver Lake, Cosumes River, Jackson Creek and the Mokelumne River. Based on the 2005 population data there was a total of 38,471 people were residing in the county of which 85.79 percent of it were white Americans and the remaining 14.21 percent were Black American, Asians, Hispanic, Latino, German, Irish and English.

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