12 Steps to Packing

Packing is something that most movers look forward to before the big day of moving to their new homes. The emotions are mixed – excited, tiring, and fun. If you are getting ready for a big move and is a little confused about where to start, you just came to the right place. Here are some things that you need to do and remember before your big move to Atlanta:

1. Prepare good quality moving boxes of different boxes. Good quality boxes means strong ones to make sure that your stuff are safe and secured during the move. Aside from the moving boxes, prepare bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, padding supplies, old newspapers or newsprint papers, scissors, packing tape, permanent marking pens and labeling stickers.

2. Have a spacious room for your packing. Make sure that you categorize your small stuff like one box is just books, toys, breakable things and so on. This will make labeling easier and will make your packing organize and easy to place on your new home. If you don’t like this way, you may place heavier items on the bottom and lighter stuff on top.

3. If you have a lot of stuff to pack, you can pack one room at a time and just put a label. Start your packing from smaller things and down to the biggest and the heaviest.

4. Have an “Open First” box. The items that you place here are the ones that you need first when you arrive in your new home like scissors, soap, sponge, paper towels and bath towels, pens, bottle opener, plastic spoons and forks, cutter, toothpaste and so on. Toss in some quick snacks or candies because you might get hungry when you arrive.

5. If your family is big or your children are already teens, pack an “open box” for each and place them on a separate car. Upon arrival and unpacking on your new home, there is a possibility that you will not finish putting everything in place in just a day. In this case, the “open boxes” will come in handy so, have some of these things in our children’s boxes – toothbrush and toothpaste, a small bar of soap, clothes, sweater, towel and other things that they will need in a fees days.

6. Important documents must be placed in a separate box. Don’t forget to pack these things and make sure this does not mix in other boxes. Important files might include your moving company number, mortgage payment records and receipts, your Realtor or agent’s contact information and so on.

7. Don’t just pack everything in your house because some of your stuff may not be needed on your new home. Throw away things that you don’t need or if they are still in good condition, you may have a garage sale.

8. Hardware tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and so on need to be pack in a different box. If the tools doesn’t have any toolbox, place them in thick Ziploc before putting them in a box.

9. Don’t forget to wrap your items with bubble wraps or old newspapers before placing them in correct position in every box. Fill empty spaces of the boxes with wadded or crumpled newspapers.

10. After packing, taping and labeling, stack the boxes and keep all the packing tapes, scissors and other things you used during the packing in one box. They will come in handy when it’s time for the unpacking.

11. After packing, look around the rooms, drawers and cabinets for others things that you missed packing. All the things that you have found on the last minute and that you still need should be placed in the same box.

12. Packing should not be done in a hurry and that too early for the big move. Set a specific date for packing and involve all family members to make the moving to your new real estate property fun exciting and not that tiring.